Environmental Services

We offer a full range of environment enhancing solutions, including waste management services (in line with EPA regulations), fragrance diffusing systems, horticulture services, and selling of cleaning materials and tools.

Waste management – we provide construction and demolition waste management services for projects of any size.

Our waste management services provide proper collection and discarding of waste in dumpsite areas allocated by Kuwait Municipality.  Types of waste we handle include municipal waste generated from homes, hotels, shops, restaurants, and construction, including waste generated from construction sites and liquid waste such as sewage and sludge.

We also offer horticulture services and provide cost-effective solutions to promote healthy environments by supplying indoor and outdoor plants and their maintenance services.

We provide a full range of janitorial supplies, cleaning equipment, and quality chemical solutions for all types of cleaning, maintenance and hygiene applications.

We also provide a complete end-to-end solution, from scent formulation to installation and maintenance of scent systems.  We work closely with companies in the retail, hospitality, and services sectors, helping businesses to integrate fragrances into their overall brand marketing.

Our Clients