College of Science & Faculty Club

The College of Science (COSC) was built over a total land area of 87,295 square meters and consists of six academic departments with research spaces and specialized labs, all equipped with smart teaching equipment. The building consists of five floors above the ground and two basements, one of them for staff car parking. The expected number of students is around 10,000, along with more than 1,500 faculty members. The approximate built-up area is 375,552 square meters.

The Faculty Club will have spaces to serve the faculty of the west portion of the campus. It will enclose lounges, quiet rooms, game rooms, dining, fitness center, conference rooms, and prayer rooms. The building has two floors above the ground and a basement for the support spaces. Its approximate built-up area is 6,980 square meters.

Completion Year


Electrical Load(MW)

66 MW

Cooling Load(Tons)

20,197 T

Client: Kuwait University

Consultant: Gulf Consult