Al Mulla Engineering signs a distribution agreement with Johnson Controls – AquaMist
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Al Mulla Engineering (AME), a member of Al Mulla Group signed a new Distribution Agreement with Johnson Controls (AquaMist), a leading manufacturer of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems.

Through this agreement, (AME) expands its offer of products and services to include an innovative technology of Fire Protection using Water Based Fire Suppression System through the Water Mist technique (The only Company in Kuwait to have access to this technology).

AquaMist provides effective cooling and fire control on solid, deep-seated fires such as furniture, paper and cables (Class A). On fires such as lubricants or fuels (Class B) or cooking oils (Class F). The AquaMist system benefits include a reduction of up to five times in the water required (when compared to standard sprinkler systems), while providing a superior firefighting capability on applicable Class A, B and F fires.